we've all got both light and dark inside us what matters is the part we choose to action. That's who we really are.

Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

how beautiful we are #plak

Here we are #AsetGirls jeng jeng jeeeeeeeeng

(left to right: Ester, me, Chiki, Rizka, Ovi, Mitha, Nopiz)

(back to front: Ester, Mitha, Rizka, Chiki, Meeh)

Chiki, me, Ester, Intan, Mitha, Vira, Ovi

(left to right: Bida, Rizka, Mitha, Meeh, Chiki, Ovi)

(left to right: Nopiz, Nadya, Bida, Shasa, Me, Mitha, Rizka, Chiki, Ovi)

Date: Nov, 10th 2010 (Heroes' Day)
Location: In front of our lovely class, AsetSmala
Picture are taken from Bidy's Camera

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