we've all got both light and dark inside us what matters is the part we choose to action. That's who we really are.

The Owner

Aprillia Hardiyani Tanto. Currently 19 y.o. Just graduated proudly from SMAN 5 Surabaya. Goes to Airlangga University majoring Pharmacy Studies. She can be different in every situation. Time and condition can change her. 
Not a lovely one. 
Not a good adviser. 
Not a good writer. 
Just write if she feels so bored or something is bothering her a lot. Soon to be a dream maker. Wanna live a life that can be proud of.
"I don't make friends easily. I am awkward. Bad at small talk and I generally don't like people I don't know..." retweeting from someone's tweet but this really is representing her.

Find me at:
e-mail: awakdhewe@gmail.com

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