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Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

Autistic Kids. A Gold in The Mud.

They say, autism is a syndrome for rich people. My brother is autistic, and am i rich? No.

Everyone must be aware of this syndrome, because anyone can suffer autism. Never underestimate the kids/people who suffers autism, because they are absolutely GENIUS. But, unfortunately that case is only happen when they get a proper therapy. And you know what? The cost of the therapy is very very expensive. Just certain people (the rich of course) can take this therapy. But, Thank God, You still give a chance to my family, so we can give a proper therapy for our little brother.

The problem is, not everyone who has autistic kids, can give their kids a proper therapy. Why? Because the cost, of course. So, i really hope that soon everyone can gather their hands and build a proper education system for autistic kids, especially for them who could not afford in raising fund to live.

For me, those autistic kids is a Gold in The Mud...

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