we've all got both light and dark inside us what matters is the part we choose to action. That's who we really are.

Selasa, 08 Maret 2011

my profile

Full name : Aprillia Hardiyani Tanto
Nick name : actually my nick is Lia, but my friends usually called me prelle, so you can call me prelle :)
Sex : female, of course ._.
Birth : 05-04-1995
Home : In my own fantasy ;)
school : 2007-2010 SMP Negeri 6 Surabaya (asasin asbak!)
2010-2012 SMA Negeri 5 Surabaya (djitoe asets!)
Religion : Catholic
Likes : having a succes in doing something, arounding by so many friends, trying new experience, movie, bass, computer (anything that connected wif internet ^^), music, surprise, sleeping, leha-leha, harry potter helping the others and watching him playing basketball ;)
dislikes : cockroach and anything that makes me depressed!
activities : PAS-Q V smala, Pararela, and .... i can't mention it :p

- continuing my study in pharmacy!
- Having a good skill in playing bass

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