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Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

3rd - your parent

they met, married, and finally God gave me to them :)

my dad, Handoko Tanto (16.05.1958) met my mother, Fransisca Julius Sri Hartatik (18.06.1963) and then married her. They bring my brothers and me into the world. Thanks mom, dad because you've treat us patiently, even we feel so resentful to you, but you always forgive us. Thanks so much for everything that you've given to us, we cant turn it back to you as good as you've given to us. You're our everything mom, dad. Without you, we are nothing. Thanks for the life, the treat, the love, and the everything. You're the best parent. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM, DAD!

We promise, someday we'll make you proud of us :)

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